Noisy young bands who thrash about to chugging riffs and pummelling beats will never go out of fashion. This sort of thing will never get old. As long as there are teenagers, with long hair, leather jackets and Dr. Martens boots this will always be in demand.

The cool girl on vocals sounds both disappointed and aloof when she sings ‘I don’t wanna remember this, you’ve left the future for your kids’ while the beat pounds away behind her. ‘All I want is someone to treat me right’ rings the refrain, equal parts Debbie Harry, Wendy James and Courtney Love. INHEAVEN is the sum of many platinum blondes fronting fuzzy rock bands to great aplomb. But let us not over baggage a band of teenagers with 50 years of rock and roll archetypes.

INHEAVEN are cool because they rock hard. Because they have a circle pit at every show they play. A circle pit made up of kids the same age as the band, hurling themselves about to their songs. And (the great unsayable) because they have that amazing girl on bass. She’s a rock star through and through.

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