Aggrophobe – PINS (feat. Iggy Pop)

A regular feature on this blog is ‘bloody brilliant songs featuring a guest appearance from Iggy Pop’.

This most recent entry comes hot on the tail of last years Post Pop Depression. So Igg’s stock is way up in the eyes (and ears) of the hip indie fan since he delivered the best album of 2016. That was a record which is all in the spirit of collaboration.

There were four names on the front cover of Post Pop Depression. Helders, Fertita and Homme shared the limelight and brought Pop to a generation who may have only known him from Trainspotting and BBC 6 Music.

One band on the fringe of the Indie scene for some years now has been PINS. They can use the leg up to go from the margins to the main stage. They’ve established a look, a sound and a following and just need a nudge.

So here it is. Iggy is in spoken word mode (just like he was on PPD’s final track Paraguay) and as he does his Hunter S. Thompson by way of Raymond Chandler schtick over a hypnotic bass line and the chanted chorus ‘So many actions, so many voices’ he weaves a spell. It’s comparable to a punky Tom Waits number in many ways and just as evocative.

The only issue with a big gun cameo like this is what we really have here is a new Iggy Pop single (I know, the opposite of a problem) with PINS as backing band. When he guested with Slash, Death In Vegas, ATDI etc etc he was an honoured guest. Here he’s everything.


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