Fed to the Lions – Tax The Heat

A sharp suited rock band who play 40 year old equipment to sound vintage despite releasing their debut EP and album in the last 18 months. There’s a lack of artistic ambition for sure but there is a dedication to the craft, the traditions and to the love of all things Rock.

Fed To The Lions is a Schrodinger’s Cat of a record. It’s either totally unoriginal copyist dogma or it’s a spot on resurgence of all the classic tropes the genre has to offer. It’s a sham or it’s a treat.

A hollering vocalist (admittedly sounding like he’s at the top of his range) over thunking blues riffs.

Tax The Heat make a noise that could have supported Whitesnake in the 70’s, AC/DC in the 80’s, Thunder in the 90’s, Jet in the 00’s and The Temperance Movement today.

This is a rock song. By a rock band. Throwing rock shapes. Just like they always have. And here’s hoping just like they always will.


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