The Soundmaker – Rodrigo Y Gabriela

If pushed to sum The Soundmaker up in one sentence I might go for

‘Spanish flamenco guitar composed like vintage heavy metal’


‘Acoustic duo play complex instrumental in the style of Prog Rock’

maybe even

‘What metalheads can listen to at dinner parties without selling out’

It’d be a stretch to say

‘A rock opera without lyrics performed by the two most talented buskers you ever heard’

it’s rude to describe it as

‘Fret wanking disguised as folk music’

and you’re not going to win anyone over with

‘End level boss music for a video game where you have to collect organic hummus from a farmers market before the Yummy Mummies get it all’

So I’m going to simply say

‘Brilliant musicianship shines through a cheeky folk arrangement that is as rock and roll as it is classical’.



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