The Price I Pay – Billy Bragg

The Price I Pay is another five star Heartbreak Hotel. There are certain tunes which stand proud and palatial in the city of sob songs, there are others which have a view of the sky line from street level and access to the infrastructure of Heartbreak Central.

The Price I Pay is a boutique top stop for those in the know. The accent, the small scale personal touches, the one on one reliability and most of all, that piano refrain.

‘My Friend said, she could see no way ahead, and I was probably better off without you, she said to face up to the fact that you weren’t coming back, and she could make me happy like you used to’

At Heartbreak Hotels like this there has to be opportunity to squander. There has to be a shot at happiness which will be ignored because you’re just too damned sad to consider any alternative other than luxuriating in more sadness.

‘But I’m sorry to say I turned her away, even though everything she said was true, and that’s the price I pay for loving you the way that I do’

As first verses go we’ve pitched up in the Hotel bar, ordered a beer watered down with tears and laid it all out to anyone who will listen. The next thing to do is head up to the suite and order endless room service of ‘humble pie’ and ‘mea culpa’.

This song is a perfect wallow in the total opulence and luxury of self pity and ‘nobody understands me-ness’ that makes a good heartbreak song worth blubbing along to.


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