You Got Another – Drive-By Truckers

-Sticking with the Heartbreak theme, what’s more crushing than an accusation from the mouth of a loved one? The fact they know, have known and deliver to your face the sad bold, ugly truth. You’re a lying sack of shit for not only your actions but for the deception covering your actions.

For this song to come from the Drive-By Truckers (a very full band of Southern US plaid shirts and beards) who have won me over with their twin guitar bar-room boogie and world weary righteousness, it packs a punch. Or more to the point, it packs a slap. A slap from Shonna Tucker. She’s been the bass player in the band for the best part of a decade at this point. But you Dear Listener (you not me) have been so shitty in your behaviour and in your lies, she’s taking the mic to lay it bare before you.

Everything in this song is so sad and heavy Shona is unable to lift things past a funeral march pace. Her voice is pure and soaring. There’s not much to the lyric. The statement is made again and again.

‘I see you runnin’ Baby, out of time, I see you runnin’ Baby, over the line, You got another and you go to her’

You heartless pig.


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