Put Your Records On (acoustic) – Corinne Bailey-Rae

Put Your Records On is a seasonal tradition in out home.

Corinne Bailey-Rae has a really distinctive voice. This acoustic version of her 2006 hit single has grown in stature to become a signifier of summer round our place. Be it on playlists in the car when we’re on long drives or if the doors and windows are open while we’re out back, this song comes pouring in at some point during the nicer days of the year.

It’s a great song. There’s the proper amount of restraint and moments when she goes all vocal powerhouse and cuts loose.

It’s a simple ditty about relaxing with your music. ‘Girl put your records on, Sing me your favourite song, just go ahead let your hair down’. Not a bad manifesto to get behind is it?

My good lady Wife has a pretty lovely singing voice. I like nothing more than shutting the hell up and listening to her sing along to beautiful music some times. She normally notices I’m listening before the song finishes, gets a bit self conscious and stops. Which is a shame.

Other times however I get this as a beautiful duet all the way through. My Wife and Corinne singing together over that laid back acoustic riff.

Here comes the summer.


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