Don’t Need The Sunshine – Catatonia

All hindsight is 20/20. I’d proffer the idea that much of it becomes sepia tone, especially hindsight of the romantic variety.

Cery’s Matthews may still be a house hold name but her band are remembered for no more than half a dozen Britpop singles. In the encyclopedia Britannica-Poppicus they are held in the same regard as many other bands who ‘deserve’ to be abridged to only half a dozen Britpop singles. There are much deeper riches to be had from Catatonia’s back catalogue than history will let on.

And so it is with this hazy, easy, number. It’s hidden in plain sight on their biggest record International Velvet. It starts with a field recording. Cery’s is singing to herself and someone else in the band is trying to get her attention. Then the gentle acoustic guitar grabs her focus and a beautiful ballad of hope and togetherness plays out in that most seductive of welsh accents.

It really is a beautiful 3 minutes 49 seconds. It’s a gem of a song that could belong in the early 60’s folk movement or in the small hours after a party at any time since.

In this age of megastars like Adele, Paloma and Florence any of them would be well advised to consider this hidden gem as an addition to their mighty arsenal of torch songs.

For me the song is a bit of a time machine. It would be on the list of songs to play as the final credits roll on my life.

Hollywood take note.


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