Volcano Girls – Veruca Salt

‘Leave Me!’ DUNG! ‘Right Here!’ DUNG! DUNG! ‘Cos I Don’t Wanna Go!’ – What an adrenaline rush of a song. Veruca Salt kicked so much arse. The perfect Fenale friendly 90’s Alternative band who weren’t Hole or Breeders or The Fastbacks or Bikini Kill or Bratmobile or Belly or Sleater-Kinney.

There was no shortage of powerful Women in that music scene. It wasn’t considered a novelty to have a female vocalist in the noisy thrashing world of hard rock back then. All that mattered was the music. And Volcano Girls is a ripper of a tune.

It’s got the shouty stop start opening. A massive riff and a more melodic chuggy middle eight that references the bands previous (and equally brilliant) hit single Seether.

It’s all over in little more than 3 minutes and you’re left wondering what just hit you, and could it please hit you again?

*In googling the video for this very page I’ve just learned they’re back together (or still together, I don’t know) so you can see them for yourselves.

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