Apollo Throwdown (Instrumental)- The Go! Team

The Go! Team know a lot about party music. They know how to get a joint jumping. Their mix of 70’s funk, B-Boy styling and Block Party Get Down’s is infectious.

Their 2011 single Apollo Throwdown makes for a patchy EP of four variations on the same tune. While the Radio version is a ball of fun both the D/R/U/G/S Remix and the Star Slinger mix both seem to miss the point entirely and turn a JAM into a dirge. All is not lost however and the finest version of this track the Instrumental, shows off why this retro funk number is so spot on the money.

Big horns and a staccato break chime into a keyboard refrain that’s the anchor for the whole thing. Synths, strings and samples wash back and fourth over the track like a megamix of 70’s funk theme’s you never actually knew but sound entirely familiar. It’s totally danceable and can go on for as long or as little amount of time as you would like.

This 70’s Brooklyn groove homage is entirely lovable. The fact it came from Brighton England in this decade makes somehow even cuter.




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