Wicked – Jennie Vee

The dream pop dreamboat Jennie Vee has a neat line in slinky chiming indie pop. Played by JV and a band capable of rocking out. They display a restraint that stops short any imminent squall and keeps things ‘in the air’.

The chiming guitars and lush production of her studio work is all pop sheen and MOR breaks. Live she’s got a more indie ethereal thing going on that sits happily with luminaries like The Bunnymen, JAMC and floatier moments of Blondie. There’s no fear of the 80’s mainstream here either and she wears her love of U2, The Bangles and INXS on her sleeve.

Jennie is also one of the revolving cast of players who regularly back Courtney Love live and in the studio. A dexterous bass player and vocalist in thrall to the spectral elements of pop’s back catalogue. She’s got a lot in common with Melissa Auf Der Maur sonically but holds back from going full ‘Smashing Pumpkins’ like MADM is wont to do.

Wicked is a pacey hypnotic number from her 2015 album Spying which is full of delicious stuff like this.


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