Get On The Snake – Soundgarden

We lost a good one today. Chris Cornell from Soundgarden performed a 20 song set on tour with his band last night. And this morning he’s gone.

I remember the first time I heard his voice. In my school mate Stevie’s living room. He was so excited to play me this great new band. He put on Get on the Snake from Louder Than Love. I lost my shit. This was an incredible band. With an amazing singer. They had all the cool of the new scene but all the class of the old school. And they had muscle. They had heft.

Soundgarden we’re one of MY bands. Like Pearl Jam, Motörhead and The Hold Steady there are some bands who mean more to you than others.

Don’t get me wrong. Temple Of The Dog is an incredible record, so is Audioslave’s Cochise and Like A Stone. Cornell’s solo stuff is magnificent and the two tracks on Singles define the era.

But Soundgarden. they’re the coolest.

So with love to his family, to the guys in the band and the crew. I feel like I should post Fell On Black Days or Seasons or Blow Up The Outside World.

But young Stevie Webster was right. You have to hear this, it’s amazing


5 thoughts on “Get On The Snake – Soundgarden

  1. Soundgarden and the loss of Chris Cornell brought me here. Still can’t believe it. I’ll not dwell on it…

    Really enjoyed your writing! It’s tight. I’m definately going to have a good read with a coffee later – you have great taste in music also!

    My mate had that ‘Louder Than Love’ poster on his wall. I was in awe. Still am everytime I hear them.

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