Show Me How To Live – Audioslave

In a break with regular programming I’m going to be posting my top five Chris Cornell songs to honour the contribution he made to music, to helping me feel ‘right’ when often life had me feeling ‘wrong’ and because it’s damned good music.

I reacted yesterday with an emotional post about his passing and the first time I ever heard his voice. The news was shocking. Chris Cornell was dead at 52. There was not really any further detail in the early reports, yet I think many of the fans who’ve cherished his output like rare jewels or useful tools had a fear inside. Pretty Noose, Like Suicide and Let Me Drown now felt prophetic.

Today I’m going to get into art as therapy. Slightly. I’m not qualified to do so. Nor a card carrying diagnosed sufferer of any afflictions that can be treated with does of grunge. But I know when I’m wandering the darker halls of the mind and struggling with a steaming pile of the blues, records like Show Me How To Live help.

Essentially a mournful blues lyric over the ping tight funk metal of Rage Against The Machine this song is empowering.

I walked my dogs in a downpour yesterday listening to Audioslave and Soundgarden on repeat. I got a swagger up. The headphones under my coat hood created a little shield from me and the outside.

Chris was an amazing singer and a great rock star. He was also a very perceptive lyricist.

“And with the early dawn, Moving right along, I couldn’t buy and eyeful of sleep and in the aching night under satellites, I was not received”

As the massive drums groove wide and cocky over that spitting funk riff.

“Built with stolen parts A telephone in my heart, Someone get me a priest to put my mind to bed, this ringing in my head, is this a cure or is this a disease?”

He’s up at full Cornell now. That banshee scream. The Renegades Of Funk smashing it behind him.

“Nail in my hand from my creator, you gave me life now show me how to live”

It’s a commanding performance. Essentially a very finessed howl at the sky. Kind of primal. But it gets you where you need to be to deal with the steaming pile.

“Ready to begin!”


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