Promise – Slash (feat. Chris Cornell)

Slash’s first solo album is such a treasure trove of delights. For anyone who loved a good movie compilation album back in the day like, Judgement Night, Titan AE or Spawn, this album has the same variation on a theme feel. Slash’s Rn’Fn’R record is like a hits package from a movie about something very rock and roll indeed.

Every track has a different guest star (well there are two appearances from touring band vocalist Myles Kennedy, and they’re both great). It’s like a ‘Who’s Who’ of The Rainbow Bar and Grill. Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop, Duff, Grohl, Ozzy, Ian (Wolfchild) Astbury, and Ian’s Mum M. Shadows (of Wolfmother, ‘arf ‘arf). It’s like a scroll through a headbangers iPod just reading the back cover of the album.

There’s pop people on there too. A great turn from Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas, a Pussycat Doll, a Maroon Five (one of Maroon 5? A Maroon 1?), Kid Rock.

Everyone puts in their own take lyrically while Saul empties his backed up riff store. Three years since the last Velvet Revolver record, Slash has some music to get off of his chest. The sounds within Rn’Fn’R are much closer to GNR than any of Slash’s other projects since leaving them. Slash and his band on this record are phenomenal. They’re tight they have a great dirty rock and roll feel in the studio and they can really cut it live.

There are so many gems on this album I could feature most of them in this blog and extol their virtues. But in light of recent events… Promise featuring Chris Cornell needs playing.

Over harmonics and a spacious groove Chris sings in his trade mark soar

“The first time I ever saw you, you had that far away look in your eyes, Heaven’s eyes shined down upon you and the whole room filled up with light”

A lyric about not letting the world spoil the thing inside you that makes you beautiful.

The refrain “Promise me, you wont let them, put out your fire” is delivered in classic Cornell register. As much as rock fans love it, dogs are hearing parts of this we don’t know about.

Slash and Chris is a fantastic pairing. Chris uses his voice in the same way Slash does those monumentally high solos. Two masters of their instruments feeding off of each other. Pushing the song up from aspirational to inspiring.

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