If I don’t Write This Song Someone I Love Will Die – Hello Saferide

Manic Pixie Dreamgirl stereotypes solidified in the public consciousness around 2005. They usually revolve around a bold haircut, big eyes and quirky indie sensibilities. Like Zoey Deschantel would be hanging around at the bus stop near your local indie record shop just waiting to bump into a vinyl nerd like you. Yeah, Right!

Annika Norlin, lead singer and songwriter for Swedish Twee Pop Heroes Hello Saferide flirts with the same construct, but they take it to it’s logical conclusion. The lyrics seem cute and ironic until you realise the angst, tears and weirdness is a manifestation of something that should be treated by a qualified professional.

‘I check my bed for bugs and spiders, though I don’t really think they’re there’

The opening line is sung with boundless energy over a building indie rock groove.

‘I check my head it’s getting tighter, wanna stop but I don’t dare’

Never was such a happy little ditty penned as therapy for crippling OCD.

‘I will not sleep until I’ve counted to 200 three times, I will not sleep until my pencils lie in a straight line’

Utterly charming and equally worrying. Listening to Hello Saferide is like flirting with someone you know to be insane at a party because you like that look in their eyes. Even if that look might be telling you terrible things could happen at any minute.

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