Germ Free Adolescents – X-Ray Specs

This record is a marvel. A hit single from a life time ago that is like no other record I know. It’s not punk, it’s not new wave, or post punk or anything. It doesn’t fit in anywhere. It’s just in and of itself a brilliant pop record. The spacey guitar. The loose beat. That voice. Don’t get me wrong. She’s no world class singer. But what a recording. X-Ray Spex lead vocalist Poly Styrene (I know! Cool name right?) has captured lightning in a bottle on Germ Free Adolescents.

There’s a youthful freshness and a perfect moment in time captured in the edge of each note she sings. I have known this song most of my life but only really ‘LISTENED’ to it in the last few years. You couldn’t record Germ Free Adolescents now. It wouldn’t sound like this.

I often talk of music being like a time machine. This song does something else. Rather than taking you back to the era or reminding me of a particular time it stops the world. When Germ Free Adolescents is playing you are nowhere but in the three minutes of the song.

And to think history remembers X-Ray Spex as under achievers. I think once they realised they’d made this record as well as they had, there probably didn’t seem any point in doing it again and again to diminishing returns.


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