There You Are – Goo Goo Dolls

This is the record that made me buy a CD player. Up until this point I’d kept it strictly vinyl not out of some purist hipster clap trap. I had a record player and bought most of my records from bargain bins. Because I was poor.

CD’s were great, sounded awesome and were everywhere but ‘Yikes!’ were they expensive?!? (Umm, yes, yes they were). This is the reason I listened to and loved so much 60’s and 70’s rock even though I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s. Everyone else was throwing it out and you could buy Kiss, The Who, Alice Cooper, NWOBHM and Punk records for pennies.

So I heard There You Are on a late night TV Show called Noisy Mothers. 30 minutes of rock videos, interviews and album reviews broadcast once a week on terrestrial television. There was Noisy Mothers, TOTP and The Chart Show (totalling 2 hours of music television a week). Beyond that if you couldn’t afford a CD player you weren’t likely to afford Satellite TV either so MTV was as an exotic a promise as driving a Porsche or staying at The Ritz. All that and Noisy Mothers was on TV at 1:45 AM. When everyone else was asleep. A low budget Heavy Rock Magazine show hidden in the schedules in the wee small hours.

The song was great. Sloppy, buzzing and heartfelt indie rock thrashed out in three minutes by a bunch of kids who looked and dressed like me and my friends. It was poppy and yet really punky, it was catchy like a big chorus stadium band, but very DIY and under produced. A street punk sound from a band who showed promise of really big things. I was smitten. This was 1990. For years I trawled record shops hoping to find a copy of a Goo Goo Dolls record.

This was pre-internet so if you couldn’t find it and the guy behind the counter had never heard of them (Fun After All their label was a US derivative of Metal Blade, so a very tiny little indie operation) you were out of luck.

Three years later I’m sifting through a bargain bin in a basement thrift store and I find a copy of the Goo’s second album Hold Me Up. It’s three quid. It has There You Are on it.

I buy it, but I don’t have a CD player at home. So I buy one of those in there too (£25) and what I discover is a great punk pop album by a band who sound like The Replacements little brothers.

How times change eh?


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