OMGCD – The Low Anthem

Pastoral folk from a 21st century perspective. The Low Anthem have a way with ‘pitchfolk’ that doesn’t grate. They leave the hipster accusations at the door and just play beautifully mournful songs that sound like they belong to another century.

Oh My God Charlie Darwin is an Earthy and subtle affair. A simple pre-everything ‘rock and roll’ two note melody nods back and fourth as the father of evolution is called for again and again.

‘Oh My God, Oh My God, Charlie Darwin where are you now’

The theme is the uncertainty of the beyond in a Godless universe.

‘When I go, When I go, I sure don’t know where I’m going’ but Charlie doesn’t seem to be to blame. ‘I’ll do my best like Charlie says, you don’t eat here, you’re not to sleep, you hold the line’.

The uplifting feel of the music belies the ‘lost in the void’ feel of the lyric. It’s as if being a spec of dust alone in the infinite universe could actually be liberating.

‘Oh my God, Oh my God, it ain’t nothing but the cold hard ground, My better half will stay but I must go’.

There is no comfort in the afterlife with CD in the Captain’s chair but the fact that for everyone but the dying ‘life goes on’ seems promise enough that hope springs eternal.


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