In The Name Of The Man – Plan B

The almost total reinvention of Ben Drew continues apace. Sometimes when artists switch up their style or change direction they get accused of selling out. That would be a ridiculous assessment to level at Plan B.

From acoustic guitar accompanied street level hip hop on which he built his name. 2006’s Who Needs Actions When You Got Words? was as unique a proposition then as any the music scene had to offer. To character driven soul singer on a concept album 2010’s The Defamation Of Strickland Banks which yielded the crossover hit She Said and cemented Plan B in the public consciousness as a changing man. Then came the challenging, abrasive and somewhat scary Ill Manors of 2012 London in film and music.

It’s safe to say Ben Drew never chases the easy option.

The guys an artist. You only have to look at the video for this soulful, Marvin Gaye inspired contemporary English take on the latter day Motown sound to see that. It’s an artistic vision of a short film regardless of the track it accompanies.

The album In The Name of the Man will eventually sit as part of is not yet with us. But I feel compelled to bring this song to your attention as the new Plan B. Phase 4 of his discography sounds as fascinating as everything else so far. Plan F, if you’re gonna insist.

F for ‘Flippin’ ‘eck this is good’.



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