Raise It High – Chamberlain

Chamberlain are the kind of band to put out coloured vinyl split singles and sell their own merch after their set. They’ve been going since the mid 90’s but this song dates from 2010. They had a following for sure in Indianapolis and on the college rock scene in the US. Some acts even cited them as an influence in the noughties.

I’d never heard of them before they split up. Their sensational live return in 2008 totally failed to register and their comeback EP remains a total mystery to me. I’ve never seen any other record by them any where or met anyone who likes them (in real life or online). I just saw a cool orange 7″ for two quid while crate digging one day and thought it was worth a punt.

A squalling guitar intro and four to the floor drums give way to a rabble rousing ‘Before the war was over, we had a hell of a time’. On paper you could be forgiven for thinking this was a Dropkick Murphy’s tune being covered by Jimmy Eat World.

‘Get your flag up off the floor, raise it high’ not just a militaristic message of bravery and stern character. This is also a folk influenced punk anthem in debt to both early Emo and some strains of DC Hardcore with a positive vibe for the disenfranchised.

Sometimes buying a 7″ single just because you like the colour of the vinyl can pay you with just the sort of record you hoped you were getting.



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