Oh! Whiskey – Jimi Goodwin

Simon was the one to suggest we go to the show. He’s proper old school Manchester Indie is Simon. He waxed lyrical about Doves, Sub Sub and Jimi being involved in Electronic. It was a compelling speech. He also said Jimi’s latest solo album was a thing worth hearing.

So Simon, Dan, Amy and myself all headed down to the show. We bought a few beers along the way and talked to a few folks heading there too. We kept catching glimpses of the odd ‘face’ from the Madchester scene coming along. Tim Burgess was having a sandwich outside the diner. Bez was dicking about with a bunch of mates outside the venue. There was an atmosphere of good vibes. Laid back but a nice buzz.

Jimi opened with Terracotta Warrior. The first track on Odulek. The album Simon had been praising so highly that afternoon. As the sun started to set outside, Jimi’s set took all the twists and turns mapped out in his recorded output. Amy went off to get everyone some more beers.

By the time she got back everything had gone (in her words) ‘a bit Country and Western’. Jimi was wailing about the gift and the curse of whiskey. Harmonica’s were harmonizing and Jimi was promising;

‘One of these days I’m gonna give myself a real good talking to’.

At first we sniggered at the diversion. A northern Indie character going Country in Wales on a Saturday night seemed a little improbable, but it was a righteous preachin’ none the less.

‘Oh! Whiskey gave me patience, Oh! Whiskey gave me truth, Oh! Whiskey gave me empathy, just don’t give me the blues, please don’t give the blues’

He really meant that last part. The dude sounded like a journeyman. The performance was so real.

Loved the song ever since. And Simon was right about the rest of the album too.


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