Black Me Out – Against Me!

A finger pickin’ intro and the lament of Laura Jane Grace leads up like an old blues jam until the moment she screams ‘Black Me Out!’ and the drums kick in.

‘I wanna piss on the walls of your house!, I wanna chop those brass rings, off your fat fucking fingers!’

This is angry protest punk.

‘As if you were a king maker’

It slides and booms at a mid tempo. We’re not relying on speed or musical muscle to make this righteous racket hit it’s mark. Between the notes there’s indignation, frustration and will, huge pallet loads of will power. Things are not as they should be. Against Me! feel they can change this, through the power of song. It makes the hairs on your arms stand up. It’s really rather stirring.

Laura Jane goes on. She doesn’t wanna this, or that, doesn’t want you to be her pimp, doesn’t want to be misunderstood, exploited, taken for granted, exposed or condescended to.

There’s an optimism in the rage, a power to the pain and a point to the noise. You know like punk is supposed to be.

I’m all for Against Me! They’re a righteous punk rock force to be reckoned with. Punk The way it should be, but so seldom actually is.


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