Run – Foo Fighters

Sneaky Dave Grohl has been up to his tricks again. Another Thrash Metal Trojan Horse is wheeled into the living rooms and onto the devices of listeners who wouldn’t dream of listening to Abbath or Slayer. He’s making a bit of a habit of this sort of thing.

Just like when FF launched Wasting Light with the electrical storm of a song that is White Limo. Run, the first single from the nicest grunge band in the world™ since 2015’s Saint Cecilia is a hybrid Emo/Thrash Metal/Stoner Frankenstein that bears some of the harshest screams and heaviest riffs the band have put to tape.

It’s not a classic song. But it is a striking noise. There’s very little chance of Run replacing Everlong or My Hero or Learn To Fly or All My Life or Best Of You or Monkey Wrench or The Pretender or Rope or I’ll Stick Around or Walk or These Days or or or…

You get the picture right? Foo Fighters do a valuable job. Actually they do dozens of valuable jobs when it comes to reflecting light into the darker corners of the scene. They not only draw in a broader congregation to the Metal margins they push the casual listener to accept a bit of Black Metal here, a dash of FEAR there. Grohl wont let Foo Fighters live up to the common expectation as a boring predictable MOR band. They hide Hüsker Dü members on their records to honour their punk roots. They feature RATT in their DVD extra’s to tie in the Hair Metal faithful and they make rackets like Run the lead track on their comeback a month before headlining Glastonbury.

I know they’re not considered the most edgy band in rock and roll these days. I’d argue they push the envelope more than those with only a passing familiarity would realise.

And you can always count on them to put on a value for money show.

3 thoughts on “Run – Foo Fighters

  1. I’m lovin’ this track, not hard seeing that Foos are probably my joint favourite band. It’s only fitting that, in a video where Dave bears resemblence to Tom Araya, that we are treated to probably their hardest rocking song since White Limo, great write-up!


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