V.3005 – Childish Gambino

Is there anything Donald Glover is not brilliant at? Dude’s a really funny comedian. An excellent actor and as I recently found out, a massively inventive hip hop artist. One who makes records so quirky and full of ideas people who don’t really listen to hip hop stop dead in their tracks and say ‘Who’s this? This is amazing!’

His persona on record has the same relatable honesty and quirky vulnerability as the sort of character he would play when acting. But you get the impression in his bars that what you’re hearing really very close to Donny’s own train of thought. He’s got shades of Mos Def in his flow, off the wall references and a lack of grandstanding adds to the charm.

Sure he’s name dropping about hanging with other big rappers. But he’s suffering existential dread and ennui like the rest of us while his ‘crib’ is full of hangers on.

Then there’s the arrangements. Back when Outkast were crazy you could imagine them adopting the squelches and beats Gambino uses on V.3005.

There’s got to be something he’s not brilliant at. Maybe he’s rubbish at DIY or has terrible handwriting or something.


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