Seein’ Things – The Black Crowes

You wouldn’t believe how difficult it was to discover good old fashioned soulful rock and roll in the early 90’s. Hair Metal had spoiled all the real rock bands until Grunge happened. As fun as Grunge was, it was all feedback and beer soaked flannel shirts. Not a lot of soulful style in those early days.

Bands that used organs and valve amps were thin on the ground. Bands that could turn a ballad into a fifteen minutes blues jam even rarer. Soul singers who could spill tales of woe that demanded Stax style backing singers and guitar players who knew when to back off and let someone else walk the dog were non existent.

Then came The Black Crowes. A band out of time. They looked, played, sounded and smelled like they were permanently stuck somewhere between ’68 and ’76. And that’s when I needed them. To arrive, to bridge the sounds from and to harken back to.

It think there’s a lot of 40 year old rock fans out there who owe their understanding of everything that came before to The Brothers Robinson and their band’s timeless debut album Shake Your Money Maker.

Seeing Things is a centre piece in an album of trad rock played like it’s the hip new sound. It wouldn’t surprise you to hear it was a cover of a classic by Free or Humble Pie or even The Stones. It’s stunning that it was written when it was and released the same year as Fugazi’s Repeater and Poison’s Unskinny Bop.


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