The Big What If? – Pulled Apart By Horses

I said in a previous post I’d be seeing them again when they toured. That was Saturday just gone. The fun I had in that mosh pit was the highlight of my week. PABH maintained their phenomenal live reputation and the material from the new album The Haze sounded just as scuzzy and worn in as the songs from 2014’s Blood.

2017 single The Big What If was the highlight of the set. If I were to describe the members of this noisy brash band to someone who’d never seen them before I’d say they don’t look how they sound. From the noise they make you’d expect to see a bunch of leather clad roadies part Ramones part grunge band. In actual fact they’ve got a Kurt Cobain front man, a Benedict Cumberbatch on Guitar and another one on Drums and me from 20 years ago on Bass. Honestly the likeness was a little eerie.

The call and response nature of the lyrics kept everything a little woozy and Nirvana-ish

“You’re a maze, I’m Amazed, I’ve lost my bearings again, You hair, everywhere, going on and on and on and on”

While the room washed in and out like a tide before the stage.

“Old bones, new skin And the space that is within, I only love the movies when the bad guys win”

There’s no good time like a heaving throng and a buckled wheel of a tune turning unpredictably but still churning on.  Pulled Apart By Horses have evolved. They’re capable of holding the song close to the flames and letting it smoulder a little. To warp in the heat of their noise without breaking it. They have come past their idiot savant stage and now seem to be master minds of chaos.

It’s also refreshing to see a band delighting in doing things the way they want to not the way they are expected to. Pulled Apart By Horses have come together in a fascinating way.


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