Last Goodbye – Jeff Buckley

Morbid Topic Alert! Awoooga! Morbid Topic Alert!

This is the song I want played at my funeral. It’s a perfect tear jerker and will have them bawling in the pews. Such a beautiful song and so mournful. So achingly sad and passionate too. It’ll make me look like I was really really deep. It’s a toss up between this and the Indiana Jones theme tune.

The slow sweaty mood builds on strings like fog over water as the song rises up from silence. That bass line softening us up before the drums and a single note lead us in.

‘This is our last goodbye, I hate to feel the love between us die, but it’s over, just do this and then I’ll go’

As a opening line that fucking slays. There’s a bar more of moody backing

‘This is our last embrace, must I dream and always see your face’

Then that change with the semi acoustic and the ‘Kiss me’ bit. What an amazing record.

Grace is the album I have bought the most copies of in my life. Not for myself. I only ever have one copy at a time but it’s a record I was always lending people and never getting back. I understand why I never got them back. Records this good are meant to get stolen.

Disclaimer to all the people who have one of my copies of Grace alert! Awoooga!

If you get given a copy of this album by someone one of two things is happening. They’re sharing an album they love with you and they know that (in this case) upon hearing it you’ll love it too. This is the reason most people who borrowed this album and I shared the exchange.

Or scenario number two. This person fancies you something rotten and lending this album is their way of proving what a deep and meaningful and tender lover they could become through the power of someone else’s art. Leonard Cohen used to fulfil this same role among bohemians lending albums to one another, so it’s fitting Grace features ‘that’ version of Hallelujah too.

It took 20 years for this records stock to rise up through music nerdary and take it’s place among the touchstones of guitar music. The Buckley originals on the album are way more rewarding that the legendary cover version that overshadows them (dare I pun?) like a tower of song.

Last Goodbye is among phenomenal company with Lilac Wine, Lover, You Should Have Come Over and So Real all on the same record. If you don’t own a copy of Grace, whatever your musical preferences are, you should get one. I’d lend mine to you, but I’m a happily married man and that would just be inappropriate.


2 thoughts on “Last Goodbye – Jeff Buckley

  1. Thanks for your post — in a roundabout way, it got me started on a search for the music of Sax player Stanley Turrentine and the album from the early 70s that I lost track of, Pieces of Dreams . . . Music is an amazing gateway. It holds our memories like a vault :)) Dawn

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