Aisha – Death In Vegas

Number 124 in our continuing series of posts with Iggy Pop making a fantastic guest appearance on another bands records. This time we’re up to our necks in the dance scene of the 1990’s with hard electronic band Death in Vegas.

They followed their 1994 debut album Dead Elvis with this looped riff lead track on sophomore release The Contino Sessions. Iggy is on full psycho spoken word mode. Talking his way through a creepy confessional cum seduction.

‘Aisha, We’ve only just met, And I think you ought to know, I’m a murderer’.

So far so creepy. But it gets worse.

I have a portrait on my wall, He’s a serial killer, I thought he wouldn’t escape, Aisha he got out’.

If you were to try and distil an exploitation heavy horror movie by David Lynch into a four minute techno track you’d probably get close to Aisha.

The riff loops on and on. The noise builds and Iggy gets darker and darker. Mumbling away about babies needing blood and how every perversion is justified. It really makes your skin crawl. Aisha is a disturbing listen. When Iggy concludes with ‘all the Gods suck’ It would be a perfectly reasonable reaction to go and check if the doors are securely locked and that the lights are on up the stairs.

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