Smash Sumthin’ – Adam F (Feat. Redman)

The logical conclusion of that grandstanding kind of gangsta rap that proliferated the 2000’s was refined to the opening act of Adam F’s grand guignol of an album Kaos.

A bigger, more widescreen cinematic and cock sure of itself rap record would be a difficult thing to find. Overblown is the order of the day as O Verona’s operatic chorus rises in the background Redman lays out the opening crawl.

‘They done let me out. They done read the four chapters. Brick city I’ve been born again. Master hit the switch, Igor He’s alive!’

So before the song has even started proper we’ve had Shakespeare, Frankenstein, Opera, Biblical proclamations and emancipation. To live up to this intro this song better be good. Oh, it is.

Bounce! booms the backing track. The listener obliges.

‘Set It off! Yo yo yo let’s start ridin’, my flows bring the tide in’

There’s a cheeky little mission impossible style bass noodle as Redman eulogises

‘Watch me leap through trees, attacking sharks in the deep blue seas’

All of this bluster turns out to be for one thing and one thing only. What Redman wants everybody to do, Is blow their mother fucking horns. Louder and louder.

There’s often a little too much clutter on some Wu-Tang for one voice to really have their own field day. I’m not suggesting for a moment Red is the shy retiring type without his mates around him. What UK Drum and Bass legend Adam-F has done here is give so much in the production department that his guest vocalists (there’s a different act guesting on every track of the album) feel they’re an army even when they’re out front on their own.

Redman’s doing all that I fought the law, dangerous thug stuff over a sample bed of espionage soundtracks and operatic wailing and it sounds like more fun than it really ought to.

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