Evil Plot To Blow Up Batman – Neal Hefti

60’s TV Batman was the highlight of my week when I was about 8 years old and TV was full of repeats of things from 20 years previous. The humour and inventiveness of Adam West era Batman is sorely missing from the movies they make of DC characters these days. I’ll take Caesar Romero painting Joker make up over his moustache, rubber sharks, slinky cat women and Biff! Bam! Pow! Any day.

DUNG! Goes the opening note – Then 60’s surf guitars rush in. Then a brass section. Everything stops dead. We’re dragged back in by and organ rush. Now the guitars, horns and Hammond are all parping the manic riff in unison. At the one minute mark the trumpet overture takes over Dooo! DoDahDoDo Dooo! – It’s all over in two minutes and it’s a goofy fun rush from start to finish.

Compare that to the overlong, yet over edited, dank, humourless CGI fest swamped with Hans Zimmer and a messiah complex and tell me which is more fun. You’d be able to compare them if the Suits running the money machine at Warner Brothers weren’t so strict, so humourless and so wrong headed they’ve expunged all signs of this track from the internet. So I can’t link a video below as per normal.

Meanwhile across town!

Shazam Link to snippet



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