Latin America – Holy Fuck

This track got it’s hooks in me first time I heard it back in 2010. An entire modern noir film soundtrack in one song. It bubbles and froths away over dance beats and a synth riff. The mood it projects suggests car chases lit only by headlights. It imagines sweaty stubbly villains hiding behind louvre doors with pistols, waiting for PI’s to return to the scene of a crime.

In keeping with the era of it’s release it wouldn’t have sounded out of place on the soundtrack album of Nicolas Winding Refn’s movie Drive.

Holy Fuck are a hard sell when trying to win people over to listen to them. An ambient instrumental indie band who have a name you can’t safe search on the internet. A band who don’t use samples but sound like they do. And they’re Canadian.

If you don’t conclude ‘Yeah, alright Steve. Just last week you we’re telling me Voice Of The Beehive we’re amazing’ then you might find something close to early Dust Brothers or Broken Social Scene with influences like Eno and Pere Ubu and an ethos all it’s own.


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