Beehive – Mark Lanegan Band

Cool as a cucumber buried under 6 feet of cold earth Mark Lanegan and his Mark Lanegan Band don’t break a sweat on this Bunnymen and Echo soaked work out.

“Scenes of dying light everywhere through a firecracker summer, suddenly alone in a beehive with a spider crawling along my spine”

May not sound like lyrics from one of the feel good hits of the summer. And yet the cool drawl in which they’re delivered combined with the chiseled cold rock backing it up makes me feel all nostalgic and winsome. This may be the most Screaming Trees sounding of all the Mark Lanegan Band’s collaborative efforts. It could have flipped a single from Dust without scaring the horses.

“Blue water down from the mountains washed across the killing floor, blood rushing up from a fountain can’t undo a thing no more”

There’s nothing here that wouldn’t sit along side Witness, All I Know and Halo Of Ashes were it not for the absence of a scorching Gary Lee Conner guitar solo. Latter day Lanegan it is though so there’s a detachment from getting too het up. Beehive keeps it’s distance and ploughs on in the direction it first set out.

“I drag my chair to the window and listen to the swarm”

Beehive rolls along at a fair pace. It’s not hurried or frenzied but you get the impression it could steam roller over any lesser ditty in it’s path without losing any of that mid range momentum. The mood holds it’s own on the strength of the imagery and that most seasoned of voices despite the lack of stand out sonics.

“Beehive, Beehive, Honey just gets me stoned when I’m living”

Mark Lanegan Band  and that titanic rock voice have given us one of the songs of the summer here. It’s a rolling boulder of cold hard rock.



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