You’re A Germ – Wolf Alice

Wolf Alice are one of the most complete and accomplished Indie bands to have come out of the UK in the last decade. Their sound is an intoxicating mix of all the finest indie touchstones. Part Sonic Youth, part PJ Harvey, dashes of UK Punk and Shoegaze jostle along side Breeders meets Vaselines melodies. Like a UK Yeah Yeah Yeahs they’ve hit big early.

Their debut full length record My Love Is Cool deserved the plaudits and success it received after they honed their sound on a couple of early EPs.

You’re a Germ has dreampop verses and Riot girl hooks. It’s bowie-esque in it’s lyrics and shouty chanty where it needs to be. It rests along side many tracks of equal quality on the album that have everything from indie disco funk, grunge inspired introspection and slinky sexy pop.

As a fan I hope we’re due several more albums from them that maintain this balance before the band are done.


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