Yuk Foo – Wolf Alice

A great way of showing commercial success hasn’t dulled your indie cred is to come back with a feedback squealing sweary panting Daisy Chainsaw style punk noise. When people had you pegged as Coldplay with a girl singer show ’em your(e) Pussy Riot.

Yuk Foo has fuzzed thrashing, primal sex noises and a prolonged ‘Shiiiiiiit’ as it’s final noise. Wolf Alice are not the new chart bothering indie darlings because they’re following the landfill indie model. They’re popular because they’re exciting.

Yuk Foo is a tiny teaser of their new album. It may prove to be a misdirection. It may herald in a vital dose of punk fury to the main-ish-stream. I’m thinking we could use a fair bit of that right now.


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