Black Magic – The Amazons

The intro guitar riff on this song is most notable for sounding like Wayne and Garth in Wayne’s World when they are moving between the multiple endings of the movie.

Diddley Doo Diddley Doo Diddley Doo Diddley Doo

After that is a pretty cool anthemic indie rocker about infatuation and the trickery love (or in this case most probably lust) can play on the mind.

“Tell me, Baby do you still feel the way you did? ‘Cause I can’t tell, Baby No, I can’t tell what’s in your head”

Diddley Doo Diddley Doo Diddley Doo Diddley Doo  makes a re-appearance. It’s altogether a catchy little rocker.

“And I can’t shift the way you’re always on my mind, But I don’t know where to turn, But if you wanna’ change your mind I’ll take you and we’ll run”

There’s a gutsy clatter and boom to the building noise that separate The Amazons from the average skinny jeaned jangle poppers. Their robust production and big sound nudges them into a sonic district not unfamiliar around these parts. They’ve got some loud drums in their arsenal and the guitar solo towards the end had an air of the Grunge era about it. They’ve got some Afghan Whigs records at home for sure.

Diddley Doo Diddley Doo Diddley Doo Diddley Doo



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