Strange Moon Rising – Smoke Fairies

A lascivious low slung slide guitar and a drum beat like a funeral is about to march by is a good dark intro. Add to it some distant mournful wails and you’ve got my inner goth hooked.

A sort of Polly Harvey drone pips in ‘Leaving the keys behind me, I felt you in the dust, A feeling crept inside me, like twisted wire and rust’. Mood well set. Lets get our strange ON!

Talk of headlights and trees and ancient trysts ensues. Why the clandestine midnight meeting in the woods? We’re trying to soothe a strange moon? Righto! Sounds fun.

Distant callings and primal wotnots are spoken of breathily and headily as the slide slides and the drum stomps.

This whole track smells of wet wood and undergrowth.

And who doesn’t like to wet their woo… No I’m just going to leave it there.


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