Stabitha Christie – Against Me!

A relatively mid tempo swing through this breezy ode to alternative model and tattoo artist Stabitha Christie seems like the perfect ‘out of nowhere’ single for Laura Jane Grace’s Against Me! to just spring upon us.

Coupled now as a digital single with First High Of The Morning the two tracks were originally two B-Sides for the Shape Shift With Me singles. They were release on Record Store Day as a flip seven inch picture disc. And now they have a life of their own online.

It’s not a furious as many of Against Me!’s stand out tracks. Closer in tone to Unconditional Love or White Crosses than say FuckMyLife666 or Reinventing Axl Rose. Stabitha Christie does have it’s moments of peeking behind the curtain on an inked and pierced alternative lifestyle.

“And I guess, I never thought that age would kill me so I always bet on thirteens, I know there’s no such thing as a free cigarette and I tried to think I don’t know why you stuck with me”

The chorus has a nice backing vocal boost and call and response structure that makes the whole thing feel like a party song.

“With a face for a reaper to fear you’ll never even see her coming, with a face for a reaper to fear Stabitha Christie has her choice in victims”

I’m not sure of Stabitha’s ultimate fate in the songs narrative. She can hold her own with mortality by all accounts but

“Everyone’s got their thing sometimes you just gotta go in for a kill”

Sometimes not making a massive statement and popping out a picture disc of fun little ditties is in itself a sizeable statement.

Punk rock in 2017 is a ball of fun to be around.


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