I’ve Been Tired – Pixies

“123, she’s a real leftwinger cause she’s been down south and held peasants in her arms”

I’ve Been Tired is the embryonic sound of 90’s alternative rock being born. All of the Pixies key ingredients are there on Come On Pilgrim’s record of student union flirtation. One bohemian soul tries to ‘out alternative’ another in a spiralling conversation about fear, desire, politics and Lou Reed.

“And while we’re at it Baby, why don’t you tell me one of your biggest fears?”

The bass line quietly glugs along behind a solid beat and the squeaking guitar. Both lightly stepping out of their boxes to punctuate the narrative. It all kicks off into a punk scribble for the shouty chorus and calms back down for a second verse. Now with fruitier topics, girly backing vocals from Kim Deal and bolder sonic squeals the Quiet/Loud/Quiet template has been set.

“I tell a tale of a girl, but I call her a woman, She’s a little bit older than me, Strong legs, strong face, voice like milk”

Francis sounds like a Toddler on the verge of bursting into tears for most of the song. It’s epic and tense and exciting and fun.

On the morning of Monday 14th September 1987; Pixies and their proud record label 4AD gave birth to Grunge to Alternative and a little prematurely, to the 90’s.

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