The Way You Used To Do – Queens Of The Stone Age

Josh crept up on us a couple of weeks back with an announcement of a new QOTSA album and an instantly available new single. The Way You Used To Do sounds like Queens trying to do a rock and roll 45. It’s light and breezy and bops like it’s being produced as a pop song not a slither of demonic slinky rock.

There’s the tell. A week or so after first hearing TWYUTD (as nobody is calling it) I read it was produced by Mark (Uptown Funk) Ronson. That explains a lot. It’s a catchy tune and the inherent darkness in the arrangements and the tuning would feel heftier in the hands of a previous QOTSA producer.

This riff sounds like it’s played by a particularly robust Nokia set to vibrate. A Gnat like NyeerNerNerNer noise played trippingly over finger clicks and a swinging beat.

Lyrically it’s sort of blurring the edges between Queens and EODM.  Very heavy on the rock and roll tropes of seventeen year old lolita’s and hearts going ding a ling.  Until the dark stuff can stay hidden no longer.

We go from You and me girl style, born to run lite to;

“Is love mental disease or lucky fever dream? Fine with either. Gave birth to monsters who will terrorize normalcy, yeah they’ll terrorize”

So not all the rough edges are smoothed off then? QOTSA are playing at being Wolves in Sheep’s clothing on The Way You Used To Do. The album is called Villains after all. I’m looking forward to it.


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