Now I’m Gone – Juliana Hatfield

A break up song with zero regret or emotion. In a fairly poppy boppy melody, Indie legend Juliana Hatfield explains to her Ex how:

‘It was you and me, then I left, now I’m gone’

The complexities of divorce era Fleetwood Mac or the wailing and angst of emo stalwarts Dashboard Confessional are not concerns for Juliana. Her tight MOR focussed band plug away at a robust bass lead pace with a slight alt country twinge.

“Your memoirs are so full of tension, well, don’t I merit a mention? Tell them how you’re surrounded by idiots, how I was always much too stupid”

She’s well off out of it and she knows it. In contrast to her work with The Lemonheads and her previous bands Blake Babies & The Juliana Hatfield three, this song sounds made for radio not lo-fi indie clubs.

“There’s no stylistic variety, and one of us is still hungry”

The production is clean and crisp. There are no rough edges or passionate topics. She’s always been cool, but Now I’m Gone and it’s parent album How To Walk Away display an icy cold in their detachment. Not a bad tool to have in your toolkit should you need it.


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