Nice Guys Finish Last – Louise Distras

My love for Green Day is well documented. As is my love for Female vocalists in indie rock. It’s also true that equally well founded is my love for interesting cover versions. These are the reasons why this record is a trifecta of brilliance. Louise has a voice halfway between Brody Dalle and Stevie Nicks, but her overall sound is much more DIY indie-punk. The original song is a minor classic and the version she lays down here does something new with it.

The pop punk hooks of mid era Green Day are played fast and understated by Louise. It makes for a charming lo-fi singalong. Considering how much Her Englishness stands out on her own material this cover feels like an exercise in wishful nostalgia for her and her band. In sound it could easily be a group of Cali kids.

Reminiscent of The Muffs and other Lookout era bands taking this track back to the sound of the scene that spawned it strips away a lot of the big budget 90’s muscle and shows the listener aspects of the song Green Day themselves shoved out of view first time round.

Like a 21st Century politically charged English Joan Jett, Louise Distrass makes a rebellious racket usually. Here she’s a little more laid back, playing songs from her old cassettes with her mates.


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