Gold Teeth (feat. Flux Pavilion) – Scroobius Pip Vs Dan Le Sac

Speaking his truth to anyone who’ll listen, Mr Pip is on particularly aggressive form here. He’s attacking Hip Hop’s bling bling clichés with both hands and his frontal lobes.

Guest Flux Pavillion brings with him a level of synthetic abrasion as his contribution to this pushiest of Pip V Sac singles. The robotic refrain ‘Rappers Wear Bling Cos The Wanna Look Pretty!’ pummelling The vrooms and bleeps from Dan Le Sac’s signature 64 bit backing tracks.

That Essex Hip Hop should be taking issue with the diamonds and gold chains of the imported Rap image makes me feel hopeful. My once home county has a dreadful reputation for embracing the worst excesses of celebrity culture.

It’s a long road from TOWIE’s Brentwood to Pip’s Grays (it’s not that long in miles, but you dig the metaphor right?). For Pip to be calling out posers and sheep who ‘fell for the sales pitch, signed off a thick cheque’ for ‘Twenty-four carats straight dangled from your stick neck’ is heartening. That he does it with disparaging humour to boot, makes this track a riotous kind of fun on record.

‘Mad store credit, got more charge than a triceratops, you got more rocks than prosper son, you own a fucking jewellery box’

Scroobius dismantles the objects of his distain a slew of different ways on Gold Teeth.

From hectoring ‘And heck yes that’s such a pretty necklace, my sisters got that very same pendant (sexless), Ring-filled fingers can’t bend them (excess), Five credit cards to get your spend on (reckless)’

To mocking ‘Gold teeth? Alright fair play, that does look kinda dope, Bond villain crossed with Sunday morning gold-adorning pope’

To articulately bamboozling ‘Gawkish walkers smorgasbord of tawdry gaudy Argos setups’

But his real beef is with the image over ability posers who turn a scene to a cliché. Once he’s declared the no-talent mob as dispensable and their ability questionable he concludes that all you really need hanging is ‘tits or testicles’

‘Well Essex’


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