Manteca – Dizzy Gillespie

What a groovy riot of a record this Manteca is. I don’t know a thing about Dizzy Gillespie except that his name is a by word for raw talent in the totally alien world (to me) of Jazz. There’s a distant voice in this track repeatedly saying the word Manteca as if it’s some sort of instruction to the band. Every time he says it the track takes on another dimension or direction.

The horns soar (Manteca!), they riff (Mantenca!), they synch for a swing section (Manteca! Manteca!) then spiral off into a solo.

It’s really infectious. Then the guys yells Manteca one last time and it all wraps itself up.

Perhaps Manteca is Jazz speak for something inspirational. Perhaps a latin word for ‘Have It!’, Maybe it’s the ‘I am Groot’ of the trumpet world. Perhaps it is just the name of a town in California and a really awesome track by some old Jazz Dude who could really knock it out.


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