You Know How We Do It – Ice Cube

‘Yeeh! Fool! You know how we do it!’


Then that P-Funk squeal kicks in. This is my all time golden summertime hip hop jam. This one out summertime’s Will Smith’s parent friendly summertime jam Summertime.

‘But that ain’t poppin’, ain’t no stoppin’, Fo’ hoppin, ass droppin” WeeeeeeeEeeeeeEhhhhOhhhhEeeee!

This track rules because it has that straight outta feel. Still very much on a ‘N Da Hood vibe. Cube’s slow languorous rap touches on guns, cars, deals and fools. While he’s still scary as all hell, he’s also just trying to enjoy the sunshine like the rest of us.

The street scenes he’s describing involves the usual gangster activity. It’s just the hoodlums are laying low today, ‘Chillin’ with the Homies, smellin’ the bud, Double parked and I’m talking to Dub’ . Talking about ‘Who got a plan, who got a plot, who got got and who got shot’.

Back in 1994 when this tune dropped, every cassette deck in my college class had Lethal Injection on heavy rotation. Cube played Reading Festival sandwiched between Primal Scream and Manic Street Preachers. It was a long hot summer and genres seemed to fall away from music. Metalheads went nuts for Cypress Hill. Senser and Senseless Things played the same stage as Fun-Da-Mental and Rollins Band.

This song has been a part of me since then. Over 21 years ago and counting.

There’s a weekend every year where the sun shines for the first time properly. I find myself wearing sunglasses and driving on a dual carriage way with the windows down for the first time in 8 freezing fucking months. That’s when I reach for You Know How We Do It.


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