Blue Moon – Beck

No, not the Doo-Wop song from the 50’s. Beck’s tune is a whole different kind of mellow groove.

It is another lament of loneliness just like the oldie.

‘I’m so tired of being alone, These penitent walls are all I’ve known, Songbird calling across the water’

It’s a spacious groove. Beck isn’t doing his usual kitchen sink clutter of samples, genre splicing and stream of consciousness lyrics. He’s singing a straight forward song. On a guitar. Like a grown up. And it’s bloody marvellous. Just like the rest of the Morning Phase album.

I saw Beck live a few months after the album was released. He didn’t touch any of the material on it. He banged out all the funky indie stuff from years earlier. He did wig out solos and weird sideways dance moves. For some reason he didn’t even acknowledge his latest hit.

Morning Phase has been followed by some standard (and by standard I mean far from predictable) Beck style singles. Dreams and Wow both have the 8 bit sampled, dancey indie cross over feel of Loser and Sexxx Laws.

It’s like Blue Moon never happened.

‘A vagabond that no one sees’


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