Speeding Back To My Baby – The Donnas

Four cool girls playing Ramones inspired garage rock, which in this case is a Kiss cover version, with a sample from The Munsters on the intro?

I mean. Come on! That’s not fair. That is just too bloody perfect.

This tinny, cluttered blast through Ace Frehley’s hit from his Solo album that was also a Kiss album (you know the ones) is irresistible to me.

This is like leaving a fresh burrito next to a cold beer, in front of a TV playing Die Hard with a big couch and telling me ‘don’t touch’.

The Donnas are the epitome of rock and roll (a gang of girls in leather jackets playing garage rock). Kiss cover versions are my kryptonite.

Bravo! Five stars! The milky bars are on me! Brand new Cadillac!

4 thoughts on “Speeding Back To My Baby – The Donnas

  1. Even more gorgeous. You’re right, this is just about perfect. Btw, what was your favorite solo album? I think that, overall, my favorite album was Gene’s, but I gotta tell ya, no one album had a bigger influence on me starting to write poetry and lyrics than Paul’s solo album. I was 12 and her name was Melissa, and she was certainly worth having songs like “Hold Me, Touch Me” and “Tonight you Belong to Me” written for her.

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      1. Ace’s album was a great rock album, indeed. It was the truest rock album of them all. It was so cool that they all got to do the album they wanted to do. Radioactive is a stellar song. I also love all the Beatles influenced stuff, Mr. Make Believe, See You Tonight. Just righteous stuff throughout.

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