House On Fire – Rise Against

Something akin to those tight radio friendly riffs always spells the start of summer for me. It’s like something planted earlier in the spring months suddenly bears fruit.

Every year there’s a radio rock hit that spells ‘Driving with the windows down’ that urges ‘To The Pub Garden!’ for ‘long cold beers watching sunsets’ and commands me to get outside from now until October!

It doesn’t always have to be a pop punk song. Last year It was Red Hot Chili Peppers Dark Necessities and in 2015 it was Sockets by Slaves. In 2014 it was The Black Keys with Fever. In 2013 it was Heaven’s Basement with I Am Electric and in 2012 Green Day nailed it with Nuclear Family. But there’s always one record at roughly this time of year that sends me off on the Ridgeway with the dogs in shorts or down to the Junction in a silly hat.

This year that honour goes to Rise Against and their most singley of new singles House On Fire.

It’s a punchy pop punk shouter. It’s smooth and polished and big and soaring. It’s as Van Halen as it is Against Me! It’s also chuggin’ brill.

Come on. My round. Let’s dance around the barbecue and pretend were 18 again.

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