Am I Wrong? – Love Spit Love

So the Dude from Psychedelic Furs had another band. And they had a song on a 90’s teen movie called Angus. Which had a soundtrack album that I bought for a quid because it had Ash, Green Day and The Goo Goo Dolls on it.

Not exactly the highest of accolades or the planned route to rock and roll Valhalla.

But The Angus Soundtrack was a great album back in the days of my CD Walkman and there were so many bands on that thing I ended up listening to in the 90’s. Dancehall Crashers got me into the US Punk Ska scene. The Muffs brought me back to the Look Out! Records style punk I’d been listening to before Green Day blew up. Pansy Division really turned my head for queer-core and then this epic string laden pre-emo number topped off the album. I did end up buying albums by Love Spit Love based on the strength of this one track. I also got into Psychedelic Furs when I realised they had the same front man.

Eventually I saw the movie this awesome CD came from (probably like 8 years after buying the album). It was OK. There was I recall a very effecting scene involving chess pieces and a dead grandfather.

20 odd years after all this, I heard Brand New do a cover of Am I Wrong and it all came flooding back. I dug the CD out for the car a few weeks back and have been playing it pretty hard lately.

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