Ribbons – Sisters Of Mercy

They trick you in with those sneaky drums. The choppy riff is dark, but not gloomy. There’s acoustic strings in the distortion. This is the birth of Stadium Goth. Bon Mercy. Sisters Of Maiden. Twisted Sisters.

The spot rig above the stage famously set to light the stage in black. The growled whispering vocal predating Type O Negative by minus twelve months. The change was in the air. Soon the 1990’s would get going and Goth would be stolen by massive rock stars with big budget videos and MTV.

The Sisters were ready. They had Vision Thing. An album that could hold it’s own on the radio and in the cider (& black) houses. They were about to do what The Cult had done the year before and go big. But they choked.

Lyrically it’s all gloomy pouting and literature references. The simmering mood shows a dimension to the band that would be echoed by Garbage, Smashing Pumpkins and Marilyn Manson later in the 90’s.

Vision Thing could have seen them become megastars if they hadn’t stalled into a legal wrangle that choked them at the dawn of the decade alternative blew up.

Not to say The Sisters aren’t The Daddies of their scene. They’re THE band for guys in eyeliner and girls in corsets to primp and sway to. And you know, they look good in ribbons.



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