Cornerstone – Arctic Monkeys

The production on Cornerstone puts me in mind of the torch songs of a bygone era. The backwards strings and space between the beats feel like they’re from the 60’s of Knights In White Satin and Ruby Tuesday.

Strange that Arctic Monkeys most poetic and beguiling of English folksongs should come from the record where they got lost in the California desert with Queens Of The Stone Age.

“I thought I saw you in the Rusty Hook, huddled up in a wicker chair, I wandered over for closer look, and kissed whoever was sitting there”

Melancholy hangs thick in the air as Alex Turner goes from maritime themed boozer to maritime themed boozer getting off with girls to drown his sorrow.

“She was close, and she held me very tightly, ‘Til I asked awfully politely, please, can I call you her name?”

This records a masterpiece. The same way all the very best singles are masterpieces. Despite this indisputable fact, it was their weakest selling single to date.

So it gets to hang out here. In the hinterland of mopey missed opportunities and deep cuts. For you lucky people to enjoy.



5 thoughts on “Cornerstone – Arctic Monkeys

  1. Usually when I listen to Arctic Monkeys I’m reminded of when we used to have to run miles for gym class in high school, and I’d always sneak my iPod into class and listen to a mix of their songs with some Cage the Elephant, White Stripes and Killers.
    My teacher used to get so mad at me for that. Good times, good times.
    (I still hate running, even though I’m allowed to have my tunes with me now).


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